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Adidas Yeezy

Adidas YEEZY from Kanye West's unlimited creative passion, implanted in the design and performance of Nike's innovative elements, through a variety of global testing and adjustment of the stage, through the integration of the classic elements of the past to challenge the tradition to create a Jiangxinduju new, and this point only nike SPORTSWEAR can be done. Kanye West is known for the infinite vitality of the stage up and down, so Adidas YEEZY must be from beginning to end for Kanye West to provide support and protection. In the development of the whole process of the shoes, designers on how to achieve the extreme comfort of sports shoes can be described as painstaking. With the concave design of the ankle shoes collar particles provide a stronger support and protection. Thick shoe insoles, forefoot support zone, the original function of the elastic buckle shoes, shoes follow the 1987 nike AIR ASSAULT shoe technology, but with the PHYLON to replace the original PU material to increase the performance and comfort of shoes . Integration of all the details of the design is only one purpose: when Kanye West in many live performances in the passionate performance, Adidas YEEZY for his feet can always bring soft and comfortable wearing experience.