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Air Jordan II (2) Retro White Red Blue

  • Model: Air jordan-116
  • 100 Units in Stock

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Product Description

The world's best shoe technology gimmick with a new design style, it has not yet been sold before the bracelet has been elegant and luxurious aura, but this aura hat did not wear too long, remove the "hook" is a bold attempt, but also Too bold, and Air Jordan 1 than, Air Jordan 2 in the material, the process has a certain degree of progress, but the shape does not Air Jordan 1 classic, and slightly mediocre.

Although followed by injection molding technology will give shoes to bring better stability, but the Nike shoe-making process is not perfect only to the origin of Europe, and thus also produced a problem, Jordan can not own more ideas into Shoes design, coupled with the design for the Air Jordan 2 is not satisfied, so the top priority is to cancel with the Nike, looking for better to better meet their own requirements of the shoes, so later Tinker Hatfield designed Air Jordan 3 retained Jordan event.

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