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Air Jordan 15 "Obsidian" black and white obsidian

by Administrator

Air Jordan 15 "Obsidian"As Joe Qiangzhuo after the first shoes, Air Jordan 15 classic level is self-evident. This time, Air Jordan 15 authentic return to engraved shoes, bring considerable avant-garde fashion visual experience. Classic white and obsidian color presented on the upper, the interpretation of the first year style. At the same time Woven knitted veneer also re-engraved return, quite Aspect! It is reported that this Air Jordan 15 "Obsidian" will be on sale in spring 2017, the sale price of $ 190, the specific offer information has not yet released, interested in small partners, please continue to pay attention to our follow-up reports. Air Jordan 15 "Obsidian" Item No .: 881429-400 Release date: Spring 2017 Offer Price: $ 190

Chengdu Jordan Brand flagship store opening

by Administrator

Chengdu Jordan BrandInto 2017, is the 20th anniversary of China, Jordan Brand on January 7 in the Greater China region officially launched called "wins by me" theme, also in Chengdu and Taipei opened Jordan Brand flagship store in Greater China Area comprehensive sale CNY Pack series. Located in Chengdu, Jordan 1 HongXing is currently Asia's largest Jordan Brand flagship store, the store is located in the Chengdu International Financial Center IFS, opened the same day IFS wall panda wearing Michael Jordan uniforms.

Air Jordan to congratulate the rich plate-making sneakers suit

by Administrator

New Year New Year, to see friends and family of the first sentence is to congratulate the rich, and then the next sentence is generally used red envelopes, so every year is not already a little partner feel a little tired of it? If you happen to think so, then in the coming years of the chicken, why not change the traditional statement? This year we can say to congratulate the rich, AirJordan brought like. AirJordan is what? AirJordan is to congratulate fat made plate sneakers suit, this series of shoes not only adults can wear, more suitable for 2-6 year-old children's shoes, using Chinese red tone, tongue with congratulations fortune words, each pair of shoes have to go through 20 Hour production, so amazing shoes for shoes in terms of how to control it? Like a small partner may have to pay attention, this series of shoes from January 8 can be purchased at oh.

Air Jordan 1 Pink Black Special Edition

by Administrator

Air Jordan 1 Pink BlackRecently, the network exposure of the suspected women's tennis 22 singles Grand Slam champion Serena Williams's personal Air Jordan 1 Do not note the overall color to Williams often in the field wearing fans and black shoes, With the tongue on the decoration of its 22 Grand Slam singles Logo, the shoe will be commercially available? let us wait and see.

black gold Air Jordan 4 "Royalty" popular style

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Air Jordan 4 RoyaltyAs the Jordan Brand spring re-engraved shoes in a popular high shoes, Air Jordan 4 "Royalty" will also be available for sale to the whole family size. Air Jordan 4 "Royalty" shoe body with matte texture of black cattle Bago to create, 4-generation unique basket-like buckle and heel followed by "Jumpman" to create gold plating, and finally supplemented by a white background in the background, black gold with Showing a luxurious atmosphere, so difficult to resist the texture! It is reported that this Air Jordan 4 "Royalty" will be February 5, 2017 for sale, sale price of $ 190 US dollars. Air Jordan 4 "Royalty" Item No .: 308497-032 Release date: February 5, 2017 Offer Price: $ 190

Air Jordan 12 Obsidian

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Air Jordan 12 ObsidianAlthough Guangdong's friends have been on the summer, but in the Royal Park's Xiaobian who are still in the cold in the winter, in addition to this very popular MA-1 flight jacket Xiaobian who has been favored to wear the ride of choice, including the Nike destroyer Including the leather sleeve jacket is also very easy to match, and the effect of warm coat excellent selection! Rain and snow that day, look at how several small series is to keep it cold! Of course, you can buy a single product. BOUNCE fighting spirit five generations PROSPECT jacket Familiar with the BOUNCE brand of friends for their home "fighting spirit" series of jackets are not unfamiliar, this year is the fifth generation of products, in addition to the traditional ORIGINAL leather leather sleeve jacket, this one PROSPECT jacket is practical, Yan Value and cost-effective material of the three players! The fabric uses 3M THINSULATE waterproof breathable insulation material, in the light breathable at the same time, texture and warmth effect is also very outstanding, is the perfect blessing of modern science and technology fabrics! In addition to the chest and back of the simple words, the details of the ventilation hole is also very delicate and delicate, this white color with a silver PU leather sleeve, touch comfortable and full visual impact! The overall simplicity and very scientific and technological experience, the winter out of the face of the black mass of black down jacket army, such a brisk jacket, is undoubtedly a street scene! Xiao Bian backpack is the EDCO gas mask backpack, has been robbed of a light. Want to buy? Xiao Bian can only feel good when his back to sell you! Destroyer, Nike winter leather jacket and backpack, look at the small series who have the choice! Top: BOUNCE fighting heart magic 5 generations Price: ¥ 899 (Member price lower) Shoes: Air Jordan 12 obsidian Cap: Supreme cold hat Backpack: EDCO gas mask backpack Price: ¥ 399 (sold out, you can wait for business replenishment) NIke Destroyer USA Thick wool fabric, coupled with the first layer of cowhide leather sleeve, this USA team color with a blue background into the red gold details, not only very rich American wind visual experience, with the nature of the street temperament also be fully revealed! Warm natural effect is very good, in the strong wind weather can easily resist cold air. This devastator is currently estimated to be difficult to find in the market, we can consider the latest quarter of the new black models Nike Destoryer, the price in ¥ 2000 RMB early. Top: Nike Destroyer USA Sneakers: Nike Kobe 9 Elite What The Supreme FW12 Varsity Jacket The same is a large body of wool, with leather leather sleeve, but the luster is completely different with the destroyer. This jacket is not wearing much, although a bit old, but has been pressing the bottom, now want to buy estimates is also very difficult to find. The relative destruction and Bounce fighting demons, it will be more thinner, the thermal effect as the former two. But the leather sleeve shiny gloss, simple SUPREME chest words, and can be split into a hat cap set, are its unique bright spot! The newly purchased blueLounge backpack is also very Xiaobian favorite, black wild, and in the objects, security and appearance, has a unique effect. Whether it is urban commuting, or go out to work, are extremely convenient. The use of materials and workmanship, are perfect. Tops: Supreme FW12 Varsity Jacket Download: ROARINGWILD 16AW OG WIDE CARGO Price: ¥ 500 (Year - end Clearance Promotion) Footwear: Nike Air Footscape Woven NM "Multicolor" Cap: OBSERVER 16AW P27-65 DAD HAT Price: ¥ 168 Backpack: bluelounge backpack Price: ¥ 888 (Limited Time Promotion)

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