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Jordan money for white socks to buy a bus

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jordanBasketball god Michael Jordan (Michael Jordan) in 1994 had fought baseball, was shocked the global sports circle, and former Italian rhinoceros foreign combat trainer Feng Qiaoxu (Von Joshua) was just in the White Sox Little League to teach, but also guide Jordan strikes. 1991 to 1993, Jordan helped the Chicago Bulls won 3 even the hegemony, did not expect the 1993 post-season Jordan suddenly announced his retirement in 1994 to Chicago White Sox 2A start career, out of 127 games, hit 88 hits, 3 51 points RBI, hit rate 0.202,30 steal base success, the defense rate of 0.952 garrison rate. In 1994, Feng Qiaoxu in the White Sox small league system as a combat coach, he recalled Jordan was the focus of media attention, the first white socks want to Jordan on the high-level 1A, the original high A year spectators are planning to print on Jordan Of the name, but for some reason behind the Jordan placed in 2A, so that the whole spring training in Jordan have to stay in Florida. Feng Qiao said Jordan's ability to run base is very good, but may eat radish because basketball is dry, a little occupational injury, swing action is not very smooth, but the practice attitude is very serious. In addition, Feng Qiaoxu revealed a small story, when the white socks 2A use of the bus, because the seat is relatively small, Jordan sat up uncomfortable, so their own money to buy a new team bus, and even teammates are also very grateful to Jordan.

When the "Watch Pioneer" met Air jordan

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Air jordanI believe that many players in 2016 indulge in a game can not extricate themselves, this game is Blizzard's new shooting game, Drew a group of annual works, works of nature is the "watch the vanguard" of the. When the pioneers who met the United States and the United States Airjordan really! Look at these big legs, you can guess who they are?

Don C x Air Jordan 2 "Pink" new physical display

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Don C x Air Jordan 2 "Pink"Don C together with Jordan Brand to create a luxury joint, will usher in the third color of the sale this spring. The third color Don C x Air Jordan 2 "Pink" is still to overflowing with the exquisite texture of the extreme enjoyment of the visual. Refreshing light pink shoe body, with exquisite car line texture present, solid color highlights the details of the fine, Air Jordan 2 shoes in this elegant atmosphere under the perfect appearance. It is reported that the shoes will be on sale this spring, we will pay close attention to later to bring you more detailed tracking reports!

Air Jordan1 all-star, Nike lab air max 1 pinnacle

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Air Jordan1 all-starPUMA launched the Basket Platform series PUMA bring civilian version of the Basket Platform, the use of leather shoes body, equipped with signature-type brown rubber sole, earlier missed the Rihanna version of the friend may wish to consider this cost-effective to new products. ASICS Tiger Gel-Kayano Trainer Knit MT new color ASICS Tiger sports shoes brand to bring the new Gel-Kayano Trainer Knit MT shoes, shoe body design retains the classic Gel-Kayano Trainer original appearance, but the material is similar to Primknit or Flyknit woven material production, equipped with lightweight plastic bracket For support, bringing a more lightweight breathable wearing experience. The shoes have not yet announced the sale of information, a friend might like to pay more attention. Y-3 series of new work Kozoko High In the new season's brand conference as the trend of the synonym for the pioneer Y-3 as we offer a new Kozoko High, the shoe body is made of a variety of materials stitching, leather and fabric with a combination of all black cool full , Of course, as the iconic majority of the quarter models are blessing BOOST in the end to improve comfort. At present, a total of white and black, two color release, priced at 420 US dollars. NikeLab Air Max 1 Pinnacle three color will be on sale Three NikeLab Air Max 1 Pinnacle will be officially on sale in February this year, have adopted a simple light-colored rendering, simple color scheme makes the whole body of the perfect texture of the shoes appear in the bottom of the white backing, Air Max 1 Of the retro vitality demonstrated exhaustive. Like a friend be sure to pay more attention. Air Jordan 1 OG "All-Star" physical exposure As the next upcoming Air Jordan 1 OG, this all-star color with a chameleon as a visual theme, simple and generous feeling in black and white, but also into the exquisite and stylish, crystal bottom of the care lining also unique temperament, Cortex luster is also very unique. The shoes will be officially released on February 19, has not yet announced the offer price. NikeCourt x Michael Lau to create Roger Federer new Emoji T-shirt Yesterday's race, Roger Federer, the Swiss King, won the final to create history, and emoji from the well-known emoji is the opportunity to launch the NikeCourt x Michael Lau version of the new T-shirt cooperation. Clothing to Dri-FIT material T-shirt mainly by adding a symbol of emoticons, showing a different kind of cartoon feel, this group of T-shirt priced at $ 14.97 a single paragraph. Adidas AlphaBOUNCE new color upgrade May be following the UltraBOOST after the most popular running style, adidas AlphaBOUNCE introduced a new color in this quarter, using FORGEDMESH one seamless technology to create the upper with a new EVA material BOUNCE outsole, very cost-effective. This season to do the update, color to purple-based, decorated with wine red. The style is now available.


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"BLACK CAT" - AIR JORDAN 13 RETROEvery year during the Spring Festival is a family reunion of the day, a friend in a foreign land to work back home, usually not very close friends and relatives will be during the New Year to New Year, but in 2017 during the Spring Festival is not very calm, A variety of shoes get together for sale at the same time "AJ15 forefoot ZOOM door" is also at home and abroad continue to ferment First of all, the well-known US shoe site editor Nightwing2303 in the fast-track sports of the "A-JORDAN 15 RETRO dismantling report" on January 24 the same day the "dismantling report" in and twitter were reprinted . Then Nightwing2303 According to the conclusion of the fast sports sports dismantling report, the use of dismantling pictures based on the instagram bombardment of the brand company suspected of false propaganda, leading to the US official website promptly modified the AJ15 configuration text January 24, the official website of the US brand AJ15 related configuration instructions also shows the front and rear ZOOM cushion January 25, the US company's official website AJ15 related configuration instructions changed to only the palm of the palm ZOOM cushion (Nike Zoom Air heel unit for responsive cushioning) January 28, the United States well-known shoes website reference Nightwing2303 in instagram shelling of the brand company screenshots, and reported the shelling incident, and the shelling is based on the Chinese sports shoes website Fast Pass (fast mass sports) shoes Demolition report shows AJ15 forefoot without ZOOM cushion. January 30, the domestic self-media FLIGHTCLUB Chinese station reprint January 28 website article Will "AJ15 forefoot ZOOM gate" event range. (Domestic from the media reproduced article content out of context, not to mention Nightwing2303 fire .But the screenshot with fast sports LOGO and watermark dismantling report picture is an indisputable fact. Tips: unauthorized use of the original picture Is an infringement of copyright) I believe the brand company for "AJ15 forefoot ZOOM door" after the Spring Festival will be followed by the introduction of after-sale news. During the Spring Festival also occurred in Ningbo Tiger Safari Zoo wounding events. Tiger wounding incident here is not elaborate, said an indisputable fact: "Although the master of a variety of cutting-edge technology to arm themselves to protect themselves, but it is undeniable in the state of unarmed teeth with sharp teeth between the beast or Huge gap. " Just like the black cat on the basketball court - Michael Jordan (Michael Jordan) In the game, Jordan's elusive, like a black cat "BLACK CAT" as a sensitive skill is TINKER AIR JORDAN 13 design inspiration, just Jordan childhood nickname is "BLACK CAT", the two hit it off, which was born this big Hot AIR JORDAN 13 AIR JORDAN 13 RETRO 414571-011 January 21, 2017 ¥ 1399 RMB The re-engraved is close to the first year of the silver-gray shoe box, positive red JUMPMAN LOGO Shoe side of the shoe: AIR JORDAN 13 RETRO Shoe box on the back of the certificate and the "Three Guarantees" requirement Top view of shoes Shoes slant 45 ° Shoes left foot lateral Shoes left inside Heel of shoes Outsole shoes Shoes to help surface material: fabric, reduce the weight of the shoe Tongue and vamp connection block printed with: JORDAN words of cloth Bars printed on the back: XIII said the 13th generation Tongue full of holes, the actual ventilation effect is relatively poor Anti - skew design on tongue JUMPMAN LOGO The last two lace holes are embroidery Round shoelaces Shoes on both sides of the upper body has a lot of circle suture, improve support Shoes on both sides of the cloth and lace with reflective effect The holographic "cat's eye" Turn the shoe body direction, "cat's eye" can see JUMPMAN LOGO and 23 Different point of view, "cat's eye" color is different In the end with PHYLON material, and no cashmere, compared with the previous re-engraved to be a lot of soft, with a finger tap will show significant fold marks Arched arch support plate JUMPMAN LOGO at the arch Black insole Insole heel position printed with "BLACK CAT" logo Blue insole on the back Insole under the bottom of the alignment US 9 / 42.5 The left foot weighs about 396.3 grams US 9 / 42.5 about 394.2 grams of his right foot, left and right feet are only a single weight of 400 grams the following? Comparison of the last re - engraved bachelor section AIR JORDAN 13 RETRO weight US 9 / 42.5 left foot net weight of about 456.7 grams, AJ13 heavier than the black 60.4 grams US 9 / 42.5 net weight of about 464.6 grams of his right foot, AJ13 heavier than the black 70.4 grams, Footwear superscript: origin Fujian Sampoong footwear, factory code LN3 As AJ13 Danian first wave of engraved shoes, "BLACK CAT" shoe box is quite sincere, and the weight of the shoe body than the previous AJ13 light engraved 60-70 grams, weight more than Singles AJ13 engraved Reduced by about 15%, controlled at 400 grams or less, which greatly exceeded the shoe fans on AJ13 engraved weight recognition. In addition to the main reason for lighter shoes are the fabric material, and the main material density changes in the end have a great relationship, the overall look of this pair of AJ13 "BLACK CAT" as much as a sense of cheap, wearing experience with the previous AJ13 engraved very different, the specific internal configuration please pay attention to follow-up dismantling report. Select more AIR JORDAN 13 RETRO, click to read the original text

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