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Are you on Air Jordan 12 Low "Playoff"?

by Administrator

Air Jordan 12 Low "Playoff"Released on Saturday, the popular style, Air Jordan 12 Low "Playoff" has been sold out from the Nike official website off the shelf, grass has long been small series did not start successfully, is seeking other starting channels. Smooth orders of small partners who should have received the official website of the courier today, I do not know whether the effect is still satisfied? Your playoffs Air Jordan 12 Low "Playoff" Has just been on sale, the channel business has no discount, the market resale price in the original price of more than 1299. Overseas area price of $ 170 equivalent to RMB 1167, short medium term, the market price should not be lower than the price. Popularity is not low, with the reduction in market volume, there may be price increases. Early start as early as possible feet, is the best choice for you love powder! Item: 308317-004 Release date: February 25 Offer Price: ¥ 1299

Air Jordan 11 White/Midnight Navy-University Blue

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Air Jordan 11 White/Midnight Navy-University BlueAs the spokesperson for Jordan Brand, Kawhi Leonard is often ahead of the new shoes and some PE version of the shoes. Recently, the stern of the Spurs number one star again on the feet of the new color Air Jordan 11. And this pair of shoes is exposed before the end of this year will be available at the end of the Air Jordan 11, the upper with a white cloth and the Navy blue patent leather match, outsole still use light blue crystal bottom. Like Air Jordan 11 "Space Jam", like, increase the patent leather area, after all, Joe Bangzhu the earliest wearing Air Jordan 11 are using a large area patent leather cut! However, according to the picture analysis, this Air Jordan 11 heel still use the classic 23, and the use of white embellishment. This time this new color Air Jordan 11 is in line with your mind? The end of the drama you will go to grab it? Air Jordan 11 White / Midnight Navy-University Blue Item No .: 378037-123 Release date: 2017 end of the year

Air Jordan 18 Lamborghini "Murcielago"

by Administrator

Air Jordan 18 Lamborghini "Murcielago"According to the shoes broke the news of sneakersspy disclosure, Jordan in the NBA Arena's Last Dance, Air Jordan 18 is expected to re-engraved return during the year. This to Lamborghini "Murcielago" for the design inspiration of the boots, the configuration can be used to describe the terror. For the first time double-layer Zoom and double carbon board at the same time into the shoes. ? for the 2003 OG version Flying people curtain call boots! Air Jordan 18 rumors will be re-engraved in this year! Flying people curtain call boots! Air Jordan 18 rumors will be re-engraved in this year! Flying people curtain call boots! Since the debut in 2003, only in 2008 in the form of CDP suit will be black and red new dress engraved, then again silence. This time as the news is true, presumably for you AJ fans is undoubtedly big good news. At present, there is no more news release, whether the first year will be back to the black and blue version of goat suits, packaging will also contain shoes and brushes? We will pay close attention. The last may wish to first enjoy the main game when the heroes of the year, the common look!

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