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Air Jordan 6 Gatorade Color matching

by Administrator

Air Jordan 6 GatoradeThe main "three Jordan a play" advertising widely circulated among the fans, smart Jordan Brand naturally will not miss this gimmick, there is news that the latest cooperation Color AJ6 "Gatorade" is expected to be available this year. Looking back on Wahlberg and Jordan Brand negotiations on the desktop, we can easily find the color Sample of the figure: green beef and leather shoes with orange embellishment, I do not know this color is touching the people "red with green" sensitive nerve The As we all know, Jordan Brand likes to play the emotional card, but I do not know how much love this situation can eat, after all, the consumer's wallet, has not so cheated.

Creepy Air Jordan

by Administrator

Creepy Air JordanIt seems that a pair of shoes with a hairy suede after the success of half, Jordan certainly understand this truth. In the exposure of some of the Air Jordan, causing fans of the hot fans that seems to have a common feature - with suede, which is commonly known as suede material. What suede Many people turn it into the fur, because the material showing a feeling of fluffy, suede is also a fine leather, so now rarely used, and more use of goatskin, deerskin, etc., more Artificial suede use, it also belongs to the artificial leather, man-made suede, also known as artificial suede, this material surface is very grainy, uneven, but also because this is the influx of people as a very fashionable A fabric. So over time, suede suede used in many tide shoes, such as we are familiar with the Yeezy Boost 750. No matter how the color of the Yeezy Boost 750 changes, the same is the use of suede material, so give a strong texture. For example, in the last year to become the best design shoes Rihanna x PUMA Suede "Creeper", this pair of shoes is also based on PUMA classic PUMA Suede to design, which is a small number of direct use suede as a shoe name products. So let us return to Air Jordan, in the recent exposure or release of the sale of Air Jordan, there are many use of suede materials, such as KAWS x Air Jordan 4 the second version. Originally as long as Air Jordan on the upper hand on the KAWS logo has been very sought-after, coupled with fashionable suede, which undoubtedly doubled the value of shoes Then the initial exposure of the KAWS x Air Jordan 4 is very much like in February this year, the sale of black gold Air Jordan 4 remodeling version, said Air Jordan 4 black gold is the recent sale of Air Jordan is the need for a small number of the need to buy The shoes, it has a black upper features, that is suede. Black suede with gold metal buckle, black and white overall design of the white background, in no way inferior to the pinnacle of the AJ4. In addition to KAWS and Air Jordan joint money received great attention, the other red "angry bull" Air Jordan 5's re-engraved also received AJ honey's praise, said the end of this year to be changed with the same red , There is no original return to some disappointment, but still retains the red suede upper material. Speaking of the whole red, in the history of Air Jordan is also no shortage of a few recently Jordan brand launched a red color, that is, last year's double 11 Air Jordan 13 "single dog" color, leopard perforation of the design part to cover Suede appear, very texture. Since there are Air Jordan 13 red suede, then Air Jordan 14 it? Of course, in 2014 one piece of leather Air Jordan 14 Ferrari is a live off the shoes in the ultra-running, and the designer will all the winches all the winches away, so more highlights Air Jordan 14 Ferrari color texture. Suede shortcomings is difficult to care, once the dust will be repaired for a long time, but can not catch the sticky things, or really no medicine to save the other in the wet case is also easy to mold, suede is how nice do? This year is said to launch with last year's blue suede matching all red suede Air Jordan 12, is really looking forward to. Well, it is said that the Air Jordan is not so hard to buy four years ago, as long as there is no intention to increase the price can easily buy, there may be exceptions, such as the end of last year's pair of Air Jordan 11 Pinnacle gray suede, obviously Is not easy to get, even if the offer price is also difficult to find high, who let it use suede so texture it? What do you say? Oh, yes, looks like this year Air Jordan 18 have to re-engraved, remember the first year of the black suede which one?

Air Jordan 12 Low "Cool Gray" low-key and refined

by Administrator

Air Jordan 12 Low "Cool Gray"In the Air Jordan 12 Low "Max Orange" and "Playoffs" to the dark after the sale, this handsome low-heeled shoes and this month ushered in a pair of elegant color debut. In front of this pair of Air Jordan 12 Low "Cool Gray" overall use of wolf gray color throughout the entire body, suede shoes and side trim presents two different texture, enjoy the style. Tongue navy blue embellishment Jumpman Logo and heel shoes to greet the color jumping people echoes, quite eye-catching. Simple and refreshing overall dress, showing the texture of suede at the same time bring low to help the smart and heel striking details, is undoubtedly an excellent choice for the summer out of the street! Will be officially on sale on March 18, priced at ¥ 1299 RMB, GS will be accompanied by the same period, the current Taobao pre-sale price is also flat with the original price, ready to match the couple's friends may wish to take a lot of attention! Air Jordan 12 Low "Cool Gray" Item: 308317-002 Release date: March 18, 2017 Offer Price: ¥ 1299 RMB

Khaye joint Air jordan on sale this month

by Administrator

Concerned about Xiaobian shoes powder are aware of Xiao Bian on the coconut love can be described as heavenly far away, each time the sale of coconut series gave shoes powder to bring the perfect interpretation, of course, this is not the same. We know that not only in the country or abroad, almost always in the country are tide brand fashion leader call the characters, of course, like Edison Chen or Yu Wenle reputation has long been famous in the world. Of course, is also loyal to his shoe powder credit is contributed, and today that Instagram users @ share a number of pictures on the KAWS joint design details can be described as continuous coconut zebra craze to us Bring the new trend is not the same style, this air jordan 4 whether it is in the design or material above the greatly improve the grade. Worthy of the hands of uncle. Let's take a look at the figure. Like the attention below the picture. This pair of style design on the continuation of the material on the basis of a lot of details in the material above the coquettish air jordan 4 also spent a lot of effort. First in the shoes and tag on the use of gray suede presented to the luminous outsole as a bright spot. Second, in the upper all over the Kanya KAWS name Companion pattern combination of hand-painted to create a feeling of the old trend, and in the tongue inside the soles and tag also appeared on the KAWS and Air jordan, and the first Early broke the news of this KAWS and Air jordan 4 joint unique lies in the soles of the fluorescent photos of the joint logo let us surprise. Details of the Department we see the old trend of the skin is still invincible, Xiao Bian is looking forward to the foot, but on the KAWS and Air jordan 4 joint price according to the official broke the news of the 350 US knife, in fact, in the past coconut V2 zebra series Sale, the price was speculation to the price of this is not the key, mainly to start a pair of shoes believe that they are only satisfied with the powder. But how about the number of sale we started? Like the next concern Xiaobian answer for you! Like coconut or AJ1-23 generation series may wish to add Xiaobian and Xiaobian exchange. Then look back on the situation under the sale of coconut V2 zebra zebra in the city of those shoes is how to simulate the figure, we look at the map: Well Xiaobian late at night once again to write the article is not easy, each time the text Xiaobian are painstakingly, and hope that the whole network can shoot the best perspective dedicated to you. And some of the things about the shoes, Xiaobian can only help you introduce the next period, because Xiaobian is also loyal to the shoes of the people. Do full name coconut full name kang ye. Look forward to your feet. Finally, like coconut series please pay attention to the text below the picture, and Xiaobian exchange Oh I hope you have the spirit of the spirit of Kazakhstan. Haha

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