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Allen Kuo net on a hundred pairs of Air Jordan 1 Royal!

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Air Jordan 1 RoyalChannel name "Allen Kuo's name recently again greeted our eyes, the Asian face of the guy had reselling adidas YEEZY Boost 350 and 750, or even before the sale to get 100 pairs of adidas YEEZY Boost" Light Gray Recently, he was in the instagram exposed with a large number of early April will be on sale Air Jordan 1 Royal photo.Allen Kuo once again in the sale before they get such a large amount of inventory, we can see in the channel The strength of the strong! But we still have the opportunity to April 1 to grab the original price of this pair of Air Jordan 1 Royal, do not be discouraged!

Air Jordan 1 "Royal" blue black 2017 engraved color

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Air Jordan 1 "Royal" blue black 2017After four years, Jordan Brand once again engraved Air Jordan 1 highly representative of the "Royal" color, and will be on April 1 officially debut. Compared with the pair of engraved color, this pair of new version of the 1985 to retain the classic combination of blue and black color on the basis of the toe and both sides into the grain of leather, not only with the smooth leather shoes body texture contrast, but also add A lot of luxury, and equipped with a white midsole and blue outsole show. Price $ 160, Air Jordan 1 "Royal" 2017 engraved color will be sold on April Fool's Day.

The new Air Jordan 18 and 18.5

by Administrator

Air Jordan 18 and 18.5Earlier news that AJ18 will be engraved this year, and sometimes brought back countless memories. As my first pair of Jordan, 18 generations in my heart is the status of all the generation of AJ is the highest. So they took advantage of the re-engraved before, once again took out the home of the two pairs of 18 and a pair of 18.5, to help you know the new shoe friends. Mainstream argument is, AJ11 is Jordan and even basketball shoes in the history of the most classic one. I may be in contact with the time a few years later, I may be more unique aesthetic, regardless of appearance or performance, I personally think that the 18 generation is perfect, at least not worse than 11. Because Jordan himself come back for the second time in the Wizards did not get too much important honor, 14 generations can be regarded as AJ is a node, 1 ~ 14 each generation behind the story are relatively rich, popularity is relatively high, 15 ~ 23 It is relatively low, which from the number and time of engraved can also be clearly seen, for example, 13,14 generation in the first year after the sale of six or seven years after the re-engraved version, not in 2008 1 to 22 of the whole Re-engraved suit, 18 this first re-engraved has passed for nearly 14 years. Suddenly think about 17 to 22 of these generations of the article really not much, that in fact some pity, 18 generations as Jordan retired before passing the last boots, there is every reason to get more attention. Written in front of 18 is my own first pair of Jordan, accompanied me through the high school career important partner, as previously made Zoom Drive The new Air Jordan 18 and 18.5 18 design simple but gorgeous, design inspiration from the Lamborghini sports car, is also said to reflect the elegance of Jordan's own elegance. At that time the sale of color only white blue, white, black and blue three, priced 1480 yuan. For high school students in terms of the price was basically refreshed the cognitive high ... and 16 to 20 generations of the design of the past few years are covered with shoelaces, I personally have a soft spot for this design ... Is white and blue color, so the final or under the hard to buy. But over the years, 18 makes me feel that its price is not low, make me think it should sell that price. This feeling is rare in other shoes. Black and blue and white blue color is different, different materials, from the leather to the Logo. Flank the so-called "cooling" device, which I can really guarantee: this thing is not used at all. Breathability is always Jordan is a difficult problem to solve the problem. Fortunately, my permeability is not too high demand, so it does not affect the goodwill of it, it touches on the class when nothing to break off a break it ... like the two ears of the dog ... Turn up the "lid", printed on the inside "JORDAN", by the tongue and the magnetic shoe buckle fixed, it can be said to be very strong. Fast lace system simple and practical, through the people believe will remember. Outer texture inspired by the tires of the lines, compared to the previous two years 16,17, this pattern is a lot of practical, remember that are playing field, friction is still excellent. Left and right heels have nine squares, plus just 18. The internal configuration is double carbon plate plus full palm Zoom Air plus palm double double Zoom Air. This combination can be said that my current recognition among the highest match, then there is no such shoes can have such a luxury configuration, it may also be because the insoles on the carbon plate, let it go and not as soft as 19 too much , Comfort unparalleled. Insole cloth material is very delicate, silky lubrication, if you buy the size slightly larger, it seems that there will always be shoes slippery phenomenon. At that time I remember a classmate more exaggerated, wearing the kind of thin summer socks, according to his memories, that day he almost "shoes Wei feet." 17 generation began, AJ is on behalf of the shoe box also began to start the article, 17 generations of metal box impressed, 18 is accompanied by a match with the shoes of the towel, high school when the towel with the face, remember Water absorption is also good, wipe for some time and use it to shine shoes ... in short, more durable. Black and blue as the material is more special, gifts are more than a dedicated brush, there is a "manual." In contrast, now in addition to some limited edition or gimmicky speculation, rarely see a similar approach, it seems to be the consumer's "grace", so want to come, 14 years ago, Nike is still very hard. The manual describes its features and the internal structure in detail. 18.5 on behalf of the sale of the color is only black and white and all black, remove the upper lid, the location and size of the flight logo also made adjustments. The internal configuration and is on behalf of the same, but also from the shoes began, Jordan's .5 series on the stage of history. As the language organization is relatively weak, vocabulary is relatively scarce, self-feeling on the 18's love has not been completely expressed, in short, it is my heart the best Jordan. Students wear the pair of bad times is my only pair of shoes to bring abroad, even if it has been rotten, and even today I still keep it. But also because of this love, and later bought the three pairs to commemorate. The opportunity to re-engrave the opportunity. Because the preservation of the state is still good, this re-engraved version I do not intend to go to buy, it is interested to see if it will be simple, if so, will only more and more people nostalgia complex exhausted. The recent domestic public opinion on Nike also complain for a long time, business alumni is justified, but still should be worthy of the trust of consumers, but also worthy of their own classic. I personally prefer the beginning of this century, Nike and Jordan, in addition to the 18, in fact, like the previous generation of 17, and so on when it re-engraved when a good sun drying it.

Air Jordan 4 "Motorsport" is on sale this Saturday

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Air Jordan 4 "Motorsport"Do not have more introduction, this Air Jordan 4 "Motorsport" not only has a special MJ team exclusive color identity, white and black with the classic tone, but also fully demonstrated the Air Jordan 4 four generations of the classic shoe profile, absolute Is this series is perfect for a color! China will also be on Saturday, March 25 officially on sale, priced at ¥ 1399 RMB, then there will be GS big boy size shelves. Do not have the slightest lax! Air Jordan 4 "Motorsport" is on sale this Saturday This color although the volume is not small, but the degree of concern is not low, you want to start friends do not have the slightest lax! Item No: 308497-117 Release date: March 25 Offer Price: ¥ 1399 RMB

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