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Air jordan 1 "Royal" Blue black white

by Administrator

Air jordan 1 "Royal" Blue black white"Royal" finally in April 1 April Fool's Day is 9 am today ushered in the "sale"! This pair of black basket color classic shoes as early as a long time ago has been hanging everyone's appetite, the offer price of ¥ 1,299 RMB, Nike in China can buy the official website. Still tangled to buy or have been prepared to grab the shoes of friends, may not know a bad news! As early as March 31 at 11 o'clock on the official website of some Nike members to open the pre-order channel, and now has been sold out! It seems Nike choose April Fool's Day sale is a certain reason, the fans can be described as a big disappointment! Can be seen this "Royal" volume of rare and has its own high popularity. The rumors that this year's domestic authorized dealers and outlets of the black basket color to the volume than last year's black and red color to be less, we can see this year will be a bloody rain! Since this Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Royal came out to sell the news, its heat has been high. And now, this shoe's official sale has been sold out, a small partner or take a look at this group of high-definition foot on it! Can not eat pork can always see the pig run! Ha ha ha! This group of photos will be lychee material and the foot of the various angles are clearly demonstrated out.

Air Jordan 1 "Royal Stain" Black Blue

by Administrator

Air Jordan 1 "Royal Stain" Black BlueWith the last year AJ1 "ban on wear" eye-catching return to MJ year warm-up service for the inspiration to create the satin version of the Air Jordan 1 "Satin" with a unique glossy texture and extremely rare number of sale, as last year's US resale market transactions The most expensive Air Jordan 1. Recently, this routine continues, Jordan Brand will once again black blue as an opportunity, only in the United States two shops limited sale Air Jordan 1 "Royal Stain". The upper is still using a unique silk, creating a smooth and delicate luxury performance, very visual tension. It is reported that the shoes will be on April 1 in the United States, the two stores in the United States limited sale, a total of 700 pairs! If you just in the vicinity of the case, may wish to take a chance!

Air Jordan 13 Low "Navy" White Blue

by Administrator

Air Jordan 13 Low "Navy" White BlueAir Jordan 13 has been a unique handsome appearance in the country has a high popularity, this year Jordan Brand not only GiGi, Playoffs and other classic color back, but also the same year to help the color of the same color, Fans, is undoubtedly a year of welfare. In front of this pair of Air Jordan 13 Low "Navy" first sale in 1998, became the first low to help the sale of color! And this month on the 8th it will be the first re-engraved! Shoes with a familiar blue mesh show, the tongue at the trapeze Logo and shoe body echoes, black and white two-color simple and fresh, is definitely a spring and summer wearing a good match! Will be on April 8 officially on sale, like a friend then do not miss! Air Jordan 13 Low "Navy" Item No .: 310810-407 Release date: April 8, 2017 Offer Price: $ 175

Jordan and Converse stories

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jordanUS time on March 29 this day, for most people this day is nothing too special, but for the basketball god Michael Jordan has a very important commemorative significance. On the day 35 years ago, the 1982 NCAA Finals, Michael Jordan University of North Carolina against Georgetown University, North Carolina has Jordan, and Georgetown University has Ewing. The final North Carolina by Jordan in the final 15 seconds before the hit a jump shot to win the Georgetown University, won the NCAA championship. The lore can be said to some extent set up the confidence of Michael Jordan, for the future several times in the NBA arena to complete the lore has laid a good foundation. However, and in the Bulls period those lords are different, how many people know that he was wearing shoes in college wear shoes Converse it? Today, let O big with everyone in the review of the historical moment at the same time to understand what Michael Jordan had to pass those Converse shoes it. In addition to the classic style of Converse, except for All Star Chuck Taylor, the most frequently cited is Pro Leather, because this pair of shoes for the brand has a very important historical significance, because the sixties and seventies of last century, with the With adidas and other brands increasingly strong, Converse face a strong competitive pressure but never find a way out until 1976, signed Julius Erving, with its endorsement of this pair of Pro Leather before returning to the mainstream market. This pair of leather shoes with full cortical slope in the design and the traditional Converse canvas basketball shoes are very different, more comfortable, wrapped and stronger. Michael Jordan is wearing the style in the college game to complete that classic lore record. For Michael Jordan in the effectiveness of the University of North Carolina during his Converse basketball shoes through more than a pair of Pro Leather, as well as the picture of the Converse Pro Star also commemorate the basketball god of the university career. And Pro Leather compared to the design of the vamps more layered, especially the toe and heel part of the treatment is very chic. 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games, but also Michael Jordan for the first time with the national team played, when her feet are wearing Converse shoes, Converse Fastbreak Mid and front for everyone to introduce two pairs of shoes are different, the shoes taking into account the light Quantitative demands, in the local use of fabric materials, this design is very special. This pair of national team honor boots Converse Fastbreak Mid in the future in ebay is photographed astronomical price. Late in the acquisition of Converse Nike, Michael Jordan has also launched a commemorative version of Converse Pro Leather, which includes a pair of white North Carolina color of the style and opinion of the North Carolina school team No. 23 retro jersey. To know that this set of the world only 30 sets, very precious. In addition to the classic ultra-limited suite, we see that Converse also has a separate launch of the White North Carolina and Black Gold Pro Leather engraved version, followed by Michael Jordan final lore action silhouette and 23 words. (Photo from Evian) This is about Michael Jordan Converse shoes story, in such a memorable day, let us come back with the story of these classic old shoes behind the story.

Air Jordan 4 X Kaws good alternative

by Administrator

Air Jordan 4 X KawsLong-awaited Air Jordan 4 X Kaws joint masterpiece officially debut, just do not know if the greater the greater hope that the greater disappointment? I believe a lot of shoes fans in this fierce shoe war unfortunate death, in the face of high turnover on the market price can only hate to give up. But if you just like Air Jordan 4 X Kaws gray elements, NotHome here for everyone to select 15 pairs of gray shoes worth mentioning, even if there is no KAWS two fork, the same can make you handsome do not want! NO.1 - Madness X Vans SK8-Hi Reissue Zip Vans in recent years can be described as a joint offensive, in February this year, and the management of Madness Master of the joint construction of the SK8-Hi Reissue Zip is a sought-after. Speaking skateboard shoes culture, if Vans claim to be second, I am afraid no one dares to call the first. Many retro elements of the integration of modern streamline design, creating a variety of wild shoes. This pair of SK8-Hi Reissue Zip uses high-quality suede to create the effect of washing the canvas, and in the heel to join the metal zipper to facilitate the user wear off, leaving the charm index rose. Skateboard boy as long as the pants a roll, revealing this pair of Madness X Vans SK8-Hi Reissue Zip, to ensure that what skateboarding action can be handsome ending! NO.2 - Vans Old Skool Vans one of the most classic shoes, if you go out do not see a pair of black and white Old Skool walking on the road, may have to squeeze their own cheeks to confirm whether there is a dream. Old Skool In addition to black and white and Korean star G-Dragon has been on the foot of several, in fact, there are still many good color on the market can be used as a ride to choose, today to introduce the gray is an example. Classic white lines hidden in the gray shoe body, forming a looming and low-key mystery. Vans Old Skool's streamline shape, absolutely suitable for the metropolis of the city. The advantage of gray shoes is that all seasons can be managed, coat trousers or harness shorts, this pair of gray Old Skool can be perfectly matched. NO.3 - Air Jordan 11 Suede Pinnacle AJ11 big devil identity no need to say, as long as the wear on the feet is the trend of overlord. This pair of suede material AJ11 light is the price is staggering, but compared to the 4 generation KAWS speculation seems not so amazing. Past gray 11 on behalf of 2003, produced in 2010, "Cool Gray" color unique title, and now more than this pair of Pinnacle peak to the name of the great devil, let people talk about the gray generation of 11 another plus a hot object. Sole color to translucent milk white rendering, compared to the past, some of the 11-generation selection of light blue transparent bottom is more texture. Although the price is still not very close to the people, but if the budget enough friends do not want to spend more money on the AJ4 X KAWS, AJ11 Suede Pinnacle is a good alternative. NO.4 - Air Jordan 3 "Wool" Air Jordan 3 in August 2014 by Jordan Brand declared no warning after the shutdown, in October last year to "Cyber ??Monday" new high-profile announcement return. And then gradually ushered in "True Blue" OG, "Wool" two color. In all fairness, AJ3 these color sales as expected, the sale of a period of time can still be seen on the shelves of their shadow. Even so, AJ3 in the history of the classic position of shoes or no doubt. This Wool color with a rare touch of wool material, quickly grasp the cold weather tail quickly hands on it! NO.5 - Air Jordan 12 "Wool" Using the same wool material as the AJ3, but the color is closer to the dark gray. Air Jordan 12 is also the classic Jordan series, Jordan himself is in this pair of boots under the help of his career to win the fifth championship ring. The traditional AJ12 mostly uses leather or suede, which makes this pair of Wool more special. All feet of the Zoom Air cushioning to AJ12 have other re-engraved Jordan does not have the Q feet sense, with the carbon fiber soles to provide a strong grip and stability. So if it is love to play outside and want to get handsome girl, AJ12 Wool is definitely your first choice!

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